Canada Provincial Programs

Provincial nomination is an important fast-track option towards Canadian Permanent Residency.


Available PNPs Programs by Province  


The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province.

Each Canadian province (except Quebec, which has a different selection system) and two territories have their own unique Provincial Nominee Programs. Participating provinces and territories sign agreements with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allow them to select immigrants who meet the requirements that they have set forth.



Provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs to more effectively and efficiently welcome newcomers to their region. Each PNP is tailored to the province's/territory's specific needs to select nominees who will be able to settle into life and work in the region and to effectively contribute to the community. As of 2015, most PNPs contain at least one immigration stream aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system. These are known as 'enhanced' nominations; click here to learn more about how the PNPs function with respect to the Express Entry system.


Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)


Nova Scotia is a small Canadian province located in the Maritimes region of the country. 

The Entrepreneur Stream is for experienced business owners or senior business managers who want to live in Nova Scotia. They must start a new business or buy an existing business and must actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business. After operating the business for a year, the entrepreneur may be nominated for permanent resident status. Application to the stream is by invitation only.

Nova Scotia Eligibility Requirements: 

  • be 21 years of age or older;
  • want to live permanently in Nova Scotia while owning and actively managing a Nova Scotia business;
  • have a net worth of at least CAD 600,000
  • be able to invest at least  CAD 150,000 of your own money to establish a business in Nova Scotia;
  • have at least 3 years’ experience actively managing and owning a business (1/3 ownership minimum) OR more than 5 years’ experience in a senior business management role;
  • have a score of at least 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French;
  • complete an online Expression of Interest;
  • receive an Invitation to Apply from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration.

Manitoba Provincial Program


Applicants to the Program are no longer required to submit an Exploratory Visit Applicant Information Form. The Program will stop accepting new Requests for an Exploratory Visit effective immediately.

The Program is introducing a new process whereby potential applicants will have the opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Program.  All EOI submissions will be placed in an EOI pool and will be assessed based on a point system using an Adaptability Assessment Matrix. 

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Program for business allows Manitoba to nominate qualified business people from around the world who have the intent and ability to move to Manitoba and establish or purchase a business.

Manitoba Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN $350,000
  • Have a minimum three years of successful business ownership and management experience or a minimum three years of executive-level experience as senior manager of a business; and Score a minimum of 60 points in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix.
  • Following the approval stage, make a CDN $100,000 cash deposit to the Government of Manitoba, guaranteeing the establishment or purchase of a business in Manitoba. The CDN $100,000 is refundable upon running the established business. 


British Columbia Provincial Program


In order to apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the applicant must apply as a business immigrant. To apply as a business immigrant in BC the applicant must either apply as an entrepreneur, regional entrepreneur, or a strategic projects manager; each with its own unique application criteria. If the applicant wishes to purchase an existing business, they may apply through the regional succession option (this applies to purchasing businesses located outside of the Vancouver or Abbotsford municipal districts).
The following outline lists the minimum requirements to apply for the entrepreneur, regional entrepreneur, and strategic projects business programs. To check your eligibility, please look through the specific program’s application requirements.

British Columbia Eligibility Requirements:

BC PNP Skills Immigration is divided into the following categories:

  • Skilled Worker Category — This category is geared towards skilled individuals with years of experience in their field. People who are interested in this visa category should have a job offer in the selected skill. 
  • Health Care Professional Category — This category is reserved for professionals in the healthcare arena. This visa category also requires eligible job offer for health-related positions including but not limited to nurses, physicians, doctors, etc.
  • International Graduate Category — This category is for individuals who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university or college in the last three years. A job offer must be obtained from a BC employer to be eligible under this sub-category.
  • International Post-Graduate Category — This category is reserved for individuals with advanced degrees in eligible institutions in British Columbia in Health, Applied, and Natural since sciences. Those who qualify under this category do not need to have a job offer. 
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category — This program is tailored for semi-skilled or entry-level positions in food processing, trucking, and tourism.


New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program



New Brunswick, the largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces is the only constitutionally bilingual province (French and English) in the federation. The provincial capital is Fredericton. Population (Statistics Canada in 2011) is 750,851. Approximately, 1.7 million, people visited New Brunswick in 2006. Average temperatures in N.B are as follows; in January -9 to2 (middle of winter), May 10 to 8 (middle of spring), July 26 to 20 (middle of summer), October 7 to 5 (middle of fall).

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program – Business Stream

New Brunswick, the largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces is the only constitutionally bilingual province (French and English) in the federation. The provincial capital is Fredericton. Population (Statistics Canada in 2007) is 750,851. Approximately, 1.7 million, people visited New Brunswick in 2006. Average temperatures in N.B are as follows; in January -9 to 2 (middle of winter), May 10 to 8 (middle of spring), July 26 to 20 (middle of summer), October 7 to 5 (middle of fall).
Through the Provincial Nominee Program, New Brunswick actively seeks qualified immigrants who will fill labor market shortages, or create employment and business opportunities. New Brunswick has signed a Provincial Nominee Agreement with the federal government, which allows the province to play a more active role in immigration by selecting a number of immigrants to fulfill specific economic needs.

mmediate Benefits!

  • An unconditional Canadian Visa.
  • Permanent resident status upon arrival in Canada.
  • The possibility of Canadian Citizenship, three years after arrival.

New Brunswick Eligibility Requirements: 

    • Age — You may be awarded up to a maximum of 10 points based your age. You must be between 22-55 years of age. Your age is evaluated as of the day that a complete application is submitted and not as of the date the Department receives your application.
    • Language — You can earn up to a maximum of 25 points based on your language ability. You must receive a minimum level of Canadian language proficiency Benchmark (CLB) 5 in English. Scoring is based on your ability to speak, read and write English and/or French. If you cannot speak, read and write either English or French, or both, at a basic level you will be refused.
    • Education — Up to 25 points can be awarded for Master or Ph.D Degrees. Bachelor and Associate degrees will receive 20 and 15 points respectively. 
    • Business Ownership— Applicants should demonstrate the personal net worth of minimum CAD $600,000 of which CAD $300,000 must be liquid (Cash).
    • Business Ownership and/or Senior Management Experience — You will be assessed on the number of years you have owned a business or worked as a senior manager in a business during the last five years. If experience is not directly related to the intended business plan in New Brunswick, only half the points are awarded.
    • Business Plan — Providing a verifiable roadmap for your business

    Quebec Migration Provincial Program


    Every year, approximately 45,000 new immigrants are welcome into Quebec.

    Quebec is the largest province in the country of Canada. The official language in the province of Quebec is French. It is the only province in Canada with an official language other than English. The province is located on the east of Canada, bordered to the north by the Hudson Strait, to the east of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as New Brunswick, and bordered to the west by the province of Ontario. To the south of Quebec lie the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia also share a maritime border with Quebec.

    The province of Quebec is Canada’s second most populated province, with most of its residents residing near the Saint Lawrence River which lies between the cities of Montreal and Quebec City.


    PEI Provincial Nominee Program


    If you are intersted in immigrating to Prince Edward Island, there are multiple ways that you can receive hte Permanent Residency Status. One of the most straightforward ways is the through %100 owenership Steam program also known as (PEI PNP). Please contact us today to get more information about this program.   

    PEI Eligibility Requirements:

    To be eligible for nomination through the 100% Ownership stream you must:

    • Score a minimum of 50 points on the self-assessment.
    • Have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of $600,000 which has been accumulated through legal and legitimate sources in your own right.
    • Have a minimum education of high school equivalent.
    • Be within 21-59 years of age at the time of application.
    • Have transferable management skills and past employment or business-ownership experience.
    • Meet minimum language requirements equivalent to a band score of 4.0 on an IELTS test (link is external).
    • Intend to live and work in PEI and provide day-to-day active and ongoing management of your company from PEI.
    • Attend an interview with staff from the Office of Immigration.
    • Sign an escrow agreement with the Province and submit a $200,000 deposit, which will be refunded upon you meeting the terms and conditions of the escrow agreement. (Source: Prince Edward Island Official Website)


    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)


    As Canada’s most populous province, nearly 40 percent of Canadians call Ontario home. Ontario is also home to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and its largest city, Toronto. In many ways, Ontario is the center of Canada’s economic, social, and political life.Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program is called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).


    Through this program, prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive an Ontario Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will allow that foreign national to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence with processing times that are faster than other Canadian immigration classes. ( Source: Canada Immigration and Ressettlement Beureu)