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Canada Self-Employed Programs 

Canada offers two types of programs when it comes to Self employment visas


Federal Self-Employed Persons Program 

To qualify for business immigration to Canada under the Self-Employed Persons Program, you must demonstrate that you have relevant agricultural, artistic, or athletic experience that will allow you to be successfully self-employed in Canada and to make a useful contribution to your career and filed of work. 

The Self-Employed program is suited for applicants with have pertinent self-employment experience as well as the desire and the capability to establish their employment and ensure that he or she will continue to contribute to Canada's cultural, athletic and artistic lifestyle through starting his own business or purchasing land for farming in Canada. 

A successful candidate must show at least two years of relevant experience within the five years window of opening the date of beginning the application and ending the time of receiving the application outcome. The Self-Employed application candidate should demonstrate experience in cultural, athletics and farm management areas. Interested candidates should prove sufficient financial net worth to satisfy the entrepreneurship and financial requirements of the business in Canada for themselves and his or her dependents. 


Quebec Self-Employed Program 

The Quebec Self-Employed program is geared towards candidates who can demonstrate they are able to establish a successful business in Quebec and ultimately apply for obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency state. There are certain requirements for Quebec program that the candidate should satisfy. To ensure eligibility for the Quebec self-employed program, the following applies:

  1. The applicant must have a minimum of CDN $100,000 worth of net assets which he or she has legally and lawfully attained (either with or without your spouse or common-law spouse, if they are to accompany you).
  2. The applicant must have a minimum of at least two years experience, running a legal and successful business. These two years must have been fulfilled within the five years prior to the date of the application.
  3. The applicant must be experienced in management responsibilities, such as business management, human resources, and business planning.

Language Requirements: 

For applicants applying through the self-employed program, the following applies:

  • The advanced intermediate level is now the bare minimum entrance level, in which French literary knowledge (oral and written) are given points for
  • The new points weighting format only pertains to principal applicants

Additional Requirements: 

  • The age of the applicant and if applicable, their accompanying spouse or common-law spouse
  • The purpose of the business and duration of the business, as well as the applicant’s management skills capabilities
  • The applicant’s language knowledge and their current assets
  • The applicant’s knowledge of the province of Quebec, as well as his or her own personal qualities.

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