Canada Parental Sponsorship Visa Program


Canada Parents Sponsorship Program


As of January 2014, the government of Canada will continue to sustain high levels of admissions for parents and grandparents sponsorship. The criteria for qualifying will ensure that the sponsors are financially capable of supporting their parents and grandparents. By ensuring the sponsors are able to provide financial support to their relatives for health care and social programs, the burden of costs held by Canadian taxpayers will be ultimately reduced.


2014 Qualification Criteria:


Raise the minimum necessary income (MNI) for parent and grandparents sponsorship by 30 percent:

By increasing the MNI, the government of Canada is certifying that sponsors are capable of financially supporting their parents and grandparents. The new MNI is created in order to reduce the overall costs paid by Canadian taxpayers.


Expand the MNI reviewing period from one year to three consecutive years:

Sponsors are now required to provide three back to back tax years of their income statements, compared to the previous MNI review of one year, before applying for a sponsorship application. The increase in MNI reviewing period is in attempt to ensure income stability by the sponsor, and is also designed to assure contribution to public services such as health care and public transport by the sponsor.


Evidence of income issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

Those who wish to sponsor their family members are required to demonstrate the MNI reviewing period of three consecutive tax years, through the CRA assessment. This includes reviewing and verifying documentation which provides information on the individual’s contribution to public services (those most likely to be used by their sponsored parents and grandparents). The CRA notice of assessment allows for officials to expedite the procedure of reviewing and verifying the application.


Extend the sponsorship undertaking period to 20 years instead of 10 years:

Sponsors and co-signers are now more responsible for the financial responsibility and the repaying of any provincial social assistance benefits given to their parents and grandparents for 20 years. The sponsors are also financially responsible for health care costs that are not provincially covered such as, eye care, dental care, and pharmaceuticals. This doubling of the sponsorship undertaking time period, allows for the protection of Canadian taxpayers from taking responsibility of the sponsor’s family.


Maximum age limit of dependents:

For all immigration programs, including the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, the maximum age of the dependents is held at 18 years and under. Anyone above the age of 18 may apply to immigrate or visit Canada autonomously. Persons with a mental or physical disability, who are financially reliant of their parents, are exempt from the maximum age limit of dependents.