Canada Sponsorship Visas

 Canada Spousal Sponsorship Visa


Canada Spousal Sponsorship Program

A Spousal Visa is a conditional two-year residency given to the applicant. It allows the applicant to live and work in Canada for the duration of the visa, based upon staying married, or in a civil partnership with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Although processing times are different for each applicant, a typical Spousal Visa application will take approximately 8 months to two years to complete. The process includes assessing the legitimacy of your relationship with your spouse (or common-law spouse), as well as further assess if your spouse is able to help support you in Canada. The Spousal Visa also includes a processing fee from the government of Canada.


The benefits of a Spousal Visa application are that, it is not a mandatory requirement to have a job offer before application (unlike other visas). After three years of residing in Canada, the applicant is entitled to apply for a Canadian citizenship. Finally, the applicant will be able to be with their loved-one upon arrival in Canada

Basic Eligibility requirements

To apply for a Spousal Visa, your spouse must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and must be aged 18 or above. The applicant must be capable of supporting his or herself financially throughout the conditional agreement.

The applicant will be required to provide proof of marriage, civil-partnership, and all other forms of evidence pertaining to the legitimacy of your relationship. Our immigration firm will help you prepare and present the necessary evidence for this assessment, as this is generally the toughest aspect of the application.
To apply for a Canadian Visa, the applicant will need to provide sufficient certification indicating good health. The applicant will also need to provide a police report to prove that they do not have a criminal record. Applicants with small medical or criminal histories may still be eligible to apply, as long as the issues have been resolved.

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