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 Canada Start Up Visa


Canada provides the Startup visa program for entrepreneurs and business people who can innovate and create jobs for Canadians. These people mainly have technical and organizational skills that suite them for Startup visa. If you have an innovative business idea, you might be qualified for this visa type and can enjoy the amazing benefits that come with it. These interests include but do not limit to:

  • Starting a business in a strong economy

  • Running business with minimum costs in an optimized environment

  • Amazing partnership opportunities

  • Low Tax

  • High qualitify of life and living standards


Who can apply for Canada Start-Up Visa ?

The applicant's business plan must meet several conditions to be eligible for this visa:

  • A Designated Organization should support your business and business idea. In order to apply for Canada Start-up visa, you should receive a letter of support from your chosen organization. These designated organizations are approved groups that are authorized to invest in businesses and support them financially. 

  • Up to 5 people can apply for start-up visa under one buiness entity and as the owners of the same business. However, in order to qualify each applicant show at least have 10% ownership and voting rights in the business. In addition, the applicants and designated organizations should jointly have more than 50% voting right in the business. 

  • Meet the Minimum Language Requirements. To start a business in Canada, communication skills are essential. You should demonstrate your language skills in either English or French through Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in the following categories: 

    • Speaking 

    • Listening 

    • Reading

    • Writing

You can get more information about your CLB level here


Language Skill Requirements and Resources


Sufficient Money to Settle and Start the Business 

The Canada government will not provide financial support for start-up businesses and therefore, the owners should have access to enough fund to support their business idea, and settling down costs inside Canada. This money can not be borrowed from someone. You need to prove that you have this money in your account in order to be granted the visa. 

Please see this link to get more information on how much money you should bring with you to settle in Canada