Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

For those who are planning to study in Canada, you need to have a Student Visa. This will allow you to study in the country for less than 6 months. If you want to stay longer than 6 months, you need to obtain a Study Permit. Aside from the Student visa international students are required to have a temporary resident visa in addition to the existing Student Visa. Before you go to Canada to study, you may apply for a Study Permit.


Student visa in Canada, comes with many advantages including but not limited to the followings:

Work while you are a Student 

International students in Canada not only are granted the right to study in one of the best countries in the world, but also have the right to work off campus to support your study for up to 20 hours per week. 

An international student with a valid study permit can work only within the educational institution without having a Work Permit. If you want to work outside the institution, you must have an Off-Campus Work Permit. This kind of permit is issued by CIC. Working off the campus, you need to have a satisfactory academic standing with a full time status as a student for 6 months.

Those international students with awards and scholarships from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade or Canadian International Development Agency of Canada are not qualified to apply for an Off-Campus Work Permit. Also those students who are participants of Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Program, Organization of America States Fellowship Program Exchange or any equal scholarship programs, visiting students, and language students in English and French are not allowed to have an Off-Campus Work Permit. 

International students on a Post Graduation Program can work in Canada to gain experience for 8 months but you need to apply for a Work Permit. A Post Graduation program is a good privileged for students to have a Canadian Permanent Residency after graduation based on Canadian Experience Class or the Quebec Experience Class category of the immigration.


Get Study Permit in Canada

All international students should apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the CIC for a Study Permit. This will be done after you have received a letter from any qualified Canadian Academic Institution or Academic School that you have been accepted as a student. The student must also show relevant proof that you have enough funds to support your stay and study in the country. There are other requirements that you need to submit such as Police Clearances and Medical Examinations. 

If you have already received an acceptance letter from the institution you would like to study, it is the time to apply for your Student Visa. The processing time of the visa depends upon the visa office. A processing fee is collected with no refund if your application has been denied.

Validity: The validity of the study permit will depend on the duration of your study program. If you want to extend for further studies, you have to file another application to extend your stay to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Temporary Resident Visa in Canada

The Canadian Visa office is the official agency that is responsible in issuing a temporary resident visa. It should be stated in your passport that you have met all the requirements and qualified to stay in Canada for temporary residency. If your study permit has been approved, you will be issued a temporary resident visa. You do not have to apply for a temporary resident visa for it goes along with your study permit. No additional fees will be collected.


Your Spouse Work While You Study

Your spouse can apply for a Work Permit if you are a full time student with a valid Study Permit. 


Bring your Family Members to Canada 

International students who are studying in Canada can bring their spouse and common-law partners to Canada to accompany them while they are a student in Canada. Your spouse or common-law partner can apply for work permit and can work for any employer in Canada to support the family or gain work experience. 


Gain a Post-Graduation Work Permit after your graduation

When you get post-graduation work permit in Canada, you can freely work for any employer across the country for up to three years. In order to get the work permit, you do not need any job offer from any employer. You can also change employer anytime you want and work towards your dream job in Canada. 


Gain Work Experience in Canada 

Graduating from Canadian universities will put you in a good position for employers who are seeking talented individuals for the job market. Many Canadian immigration programs are focused on obtaining skillful workforce through education funnels. If you can graduate from a Canadian university, it is a good indication that you can stay in Canad and work for employers who are interested in your skill. 


Discover your pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence

There are multiple pathways lead to Canadian Permanent Residency, and most of them support students and graduates through their Provincial Nominee Program is also known as (PNP) program. In addition to Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada, Federal government also has various pathways that help students to get their Permanent Residency in Canada. 


Secure Permanent Residency Status and Receive Canadian Citizenship

Many international students dream of graduating and getting their Permanent Residency in Canada and get a work permit that allows them to continue their legal stay after their graduation. Gettign student visa would help them to get one step closer to Canadian Citizenship. Canada has always welcomed international students who can support the Canada economy and culture.


Organizations that Offers Awards for Scholarships of Students

Quebec Government Awards: Research, Masters, Post-Doctoral and Doctoral Programs

  • Doctoral Research
  • Post-Doctoral
  • Professional Development
  • Short-term Research
  • Canadian Government Laboratories Fellowships Awards: Engineers and Scientists for Research
  • Trudeau Foundation Awards: For Doctoral Studies (Human Rights, Responsible Citizenship, Social Justice, Canada and the World, Relationship Between Man and His natural Environment
  • Organization of American States Awards: Master’s and Doctoral Studies (Education, Environment and Sustainable Development, Science and Technology, Government and Democracy, Economic Development and Trade and Reduction of Poverty and Social Development)

Study in Quebec

Quebec is the largest province in Canada. If you are planning to study here and has qualified for entrance in any educational school in Quebec, you must first seek an approval from the immigration of the said province. You need a CAQ or Certificate of Acceptance required to study in Quebec before you can apply for a study permit.

Validity: The validity of your permit to study in Quebec is within the duration of your study program. To be able to renew the study permit, you must have a valid passport and CAQ. Filing of renewal of the study permit should be done 2 to 3 months before your study permit expires.


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